Why our satisfied customers come back to us time and again for expert cost report preparation:

It was a pleasure working with you . . . Thank you for your grace under pressure, for asking good questions, and for doing a terrific job overall.

-Laura Bastian, Controller, R&F, Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, especially Ms. Blimi Schwartz and Ms. Temi Unger for their cooperation and assistance in preparing our cost reports. Both these amazing ladies showed true professionalism and patience. . . both of them walked me through this process with utmost attention and care. They both were very patient and answered all my questions. . . You have earned a customer for life.

-Atif S Fattah
Fortune Healthcare, Inc.

The staff members helping us were all extremely helpful, pleasant, and consummate professionals. Blimi, Raizy, and Chaviva were real lifesavers. The fees were very reasonable, as well. We intend to use them again next year, no matter who our accountant is. Well done, PPS!

-Craig Steffel
Alternate Administrator/Office Manager
A Plus Home Health Care, Inc.

I highly recommend the team at Progressive Provider Services. . . I have had the pleasure of working with Temi Unger for the past. . .years and not only does she make the process seem easy she also provides examples and definitions. . . The team at Progressive Provider Services provides their knowledge and expertise on the subject and they have been a huge plus for Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston. . . Along with their undeniable talent it has been a great joy to work with the team. . . I was pleasantly surprised that not only did we receive courteous and professional talent expertise but that it came at a price that our agency could afford.

-Julia Olivas
Healthcare for the Homeless - Houston

I have been with Progressive Provider Services (PPS) since 2009 and I'm extremely satisfied with their cost report preparation services. Very much impressed with their knowledge and know-how of the industry. Exceptionally pleased with their excellent and individual attention, I come back to them every year again and again. It's a pleasure to be associated with the Leaders in the Industry.

-Maria T
U S Home Health Care Inc, Chicago, IL

Thank you very much for the timely preparation of  the . . . Medicare Cost Report despite the delays I caused. You "guys" are awesome as I have been deeply worried as per whether the deadline will be met. But you did. I am 100% satisfied with the level of professionalism shown by Progressive Provider Services and will not hesitate to recommend your services to others.

-Chuck Mbagwu, Tripple C Health Systems

What our happy clients are saying about our software experience:

If there is a more responsive, customer-focused company out there than PPSASSISTANT, I'd be shocked. I've used your HHA Cost Report Preparation Software for nearly five years. It's a powerful software - think Excel with a Turbo Charger! And yet, it's so easy to use - think Excel for Pre-K!! You'd think that for a software so advanced and yet so simple, the customer service would be its downfall. But that is sooooo not the case.

I can't tell you how many times I've called and gotten questions answered as well as problems solved. And this morning was just the absolute best! Having difficulty obtaining a new software license from the website with my credit card, I called you and asked you how we could solve that. I don't even think I got my question completely asked before you assured me that you were on it and the issue would be resolved. After about eleven minutes, I went back to the PPSASSISTANT website and found the issue resolved as if a Leprechaun had magically sprinkled coding dust on the internet!

I cannot recommend PPSASSISTANT - the software and its people - highly enough! If you're looking for a sensible cost reporting software with beyond excellent customer service to go along with it - get PPSASSISTANT's Med-Calc! You'll be glad you did!!
-Earl Griggs
Dalworth Business Devlopment Center

I wanted to thank you for helping me complete our Cost Report. This was my first time completing a cost report for our agency and you helped out. The software worked excellent and of course saved us hundreds of dollars. . .  Thank you, I will be using your software again next year.

-Sal Saenz, Whitewright Home Health Agency, TX                 

Your team has been a great value for our first experience of doing a cost report. We have mastered understanding the software. We have plenty of more coming up this year and the following. I personally look forward to working with your team 

-Ani Nazaryan, Executive Manager
Glendale Accounting Group, Inc.

I just want to brag on your amazing customer support. I sent an email requesting technical help. I sent it during “off-hours”, hoping to get assistance early the next business day. Your customer support team emailed me back moments later! I am very very impressed! That is customer service and tech support on steroids! Thanks, PPS!!! 

-Dennis Bounds, CPA
Spring, TX

Calhoun County Public Health (Iowa) is a small certified home health agency experiencing rapid and significant change in the past few years. . . One of the most positive events that have happened to us is our relationship with Progressive Provider Services and Med-Calc Home Health Cost Reporting software. Every aspect of our business relationship has been fast and easy. Staff is readily accessible, friendly, and patient with every aspect of cost report preparation. I felt they were in the next room when I needed them - from pricing options, ease of purchase and multiple web-based training opportunities to the last click of the mouse that creates our electronic file. Trial balance transfer and PS&R download are the most recent features that have made my life so much easier and assured that our information is accurate. I take every opportunity to highly recommend Progressive and Med-Calc services – once you use it, there is nothing to compare. 

-Jane Condon, RN, BSN, MBA
Calhoun County Public Health
712/297-8323, Ext. 235

I’ve been using the PPS Med-Calc for years.

It is a stand-alone, Excel-based program, utilizing many of the well-known features of Excel. In addition, there are many time-saving features built into the program – importing of data, linking of data between forms, and error checking. The program flows, easily producing an acceptable Medicare cost report. It is designed for the preparer.

The customer service is exceptional (if needed). Always prompt and courteous, with answers. In summary, a well-designed, easy to use, well supported program that produces Medicare cost reports.

-William R. List,Sr. Manager
Glass Jacobson
(410) 356-1000
[email protected]