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Home Office Cost Report Sofware

Home Office Form 287-05

HO - $300 for first $100 for each additional
Price: $300.00
Med-Calc Medicare Cost Report Software license fee : 

  • HO $300 for first license, $100 for each additional. 
  • For large chains, please contact us regarding software packages and additional discounts.
  • Fees are for an annual license- per cost report submission.
  • Security codes are generated based on the cost report fiscal year end.
  • This fee includes software support.
  • Cost report consulting, cost report reviews and training are billable at a separate rate.
  • Pricing information is valid until 12/31/21.

Feature List :

  • Med-Calc is one of the few vendors approved by CMS for cost report software.
  • Med-Calc Software is an Excel based spreadsheet, you’ll find it easy to use our software.
  • No Installation required - stand-alone file, the software can be sent directly to your e-mail.
  • Data from the HHA and SNF PS&R's can be automatically transferred to the HHA and SNF cost report software.
  • You can take a cost report prepared by any vendor, from any year, and import it into Med-Calc Software.
  • Med-Calc allows for flexibility in allocating statistics to the various cost centers.
  • Formulas allow the option to automatically bring in data for census, gross salaries, and more.
  • The cost report will calculate automatically, and provide you with all known calculation errors.
  • Many forms have formulas that will automatically calculate data for you.
  • These formulas can be overridden manually and restored at any time.
  • For added flexibility, you can restore formulas one by one or as a group using the "Restore Options" feature.
  • Compatible with all PCs. Not for use on Macintosh devices.