When is My Medicare Cost Report Due

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Most 2018 Medicare Cost Reports Are Due On May 31, 2019

  • If Your Books Run January 1 - December 31, Your Cost Report Filing Date is May 31 of Every Year
  • For a Different Fiscal Year - Your Cost Report is Due 5 Months After You Close Your Books - e.g. 6/30 Year-Ends Due November 30th
  • If the Due Date is On a Weekend or Holiday - Cost Reports Due First Workday Afterwards
  • "Due" Means Must be Filed - That is Mailed Or Uploaded to MCReF - On or Before the Due Date
  • Grace Periods for Resubmission, if Necessary, Apply for Early Filing
  • No Filing Extensions Granted Except Under Extreme Circumstances
  • Penalty for Overdue Cost Reports is Withholding of Payments - File On Time!
  • If Uploading to MCReF - Must be Finished Uploading (e-Postmarked) by 11:59 PM EST on the Due Date