Download Your PS&R - A How-To Guide

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PS&R Provider Statistical and Reimbursement System

  • Facilities need to register with CMS and have a valid user id and password in order to request the PS&R.  
  •  One person will be assigned as the security official to order the PS&R.

The process of creating a profile to become a security official takes 7-10 days once CMS receives the paperwork – so plan ahead!

To register as a security official:


  • Call the CMS External Users Services (EUS) Help desk number (866) 484-8049


Once you have a security official in place – you will receive a user ID and password.

  • Passwords need to be updated every 60 days.
  • To update password, visit CMS portal or call EUS help desk.

When calling the EUS Help Desk - account owner/ security official should be prepared to supply the following information:

  • Account User ID
  • Legal Business Name
  • Tax ID of organization
  • e-mail used when creating the account
  • Date of Birth
  • Last six digits of social security number


Instructions for obtaining & downloading the PS&R:

Download CMS Quick Guide

  1. Select All Providers
  2. Select All Reports available
  3. Select Service dates – using cost report begin and end dates.
    •   You may choose to “Exclude” service dates that don’t apply
  4. Select Paid Dates
    •   Include All Paid Dates available at time of the report generation
  5. Select Report Format
    •   Request PDF and CSV format
  6. Confirm and submit request

You can check the “Report Inbox” to see the status of your request.  You will also use the “Report Inbox” to download the PS&R once it is available.

Report generation / availability ranges from immediately to 24 hours.