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Solomon Melamed, founder of Progressive Provider Services has had over thirty years' experience in producing, reviewing and editing cost reports. One of the foremost experts in the field of cost reports, in 1992 he founded PPS in the interest of better extending his expertise to the public. Since then, Progressive Provider Services has been committed to helping our many satisfied customers streamline the cost reporting process.

Hassle-Free Cost Report Preparation

Let us do it for you! Our extremely knowledgeable team can produce your cost reports for you. With clear instructions as to which information to submit, expert guidance, and insightful comments, we make this process painless. We will highlight any problem issues and bring them to your attention, along with skillful suggestions as to how to resolve them, and present you with a polished finished product.

Exclusive Software

Save time and money! PPS produces CMS approved, top-of-the-line, Excel based software to expedite and enhance your cost reporting experience. Check out our many helpful and easy-to-use Med-Calc features which both speed up and increase accuracy of your report preparation, allowing you to produce and submit correct cost reports on time. Of course, we offer excellent customer service to guide you. You can speak with our helpful staff members to assist with your software-related inquiries.

We will be happy to address your organization's individual needs to ensure that your cost reports will get done right and on time! Contact us today so we can begin helping you!

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