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 CMS Approved Software  

Med-Calc Software is one of the few vendors approved by CMS for Medicare cost report software. Our time-tested, long-standing software includes many easy to use features to enhance and expedite the cost reporting process, making us a natural choice for both experienced and novice cost reporter filers. Our many satisfied customers will attest to our commitment to excellence. 

Ongoing Med-Calc Software updates and improvements both keep abreast of current CMS regulations and help you be more efficient, saving much time and greatly reducing the possibility of error.

 Excel based - Easy to Use  

Med-Calc Software is an Excel based spreadsheet. If you are familiar with using Windows products, you will find it easy to use our software. You can take advantage of the many Excel features as well as easily copy from other Windows applications directly into the cost report software.

 No Installation required - Stand-alone file  

The software can be sent directly to your e-mail. No complicated or time-consuming software installation necessary. Simply open the Excel file and begin to use the software!

 Trial Balance Downloading  

Your trial balance can be imported into the Med-Calc SNF, HHA, and Hospice software. This feature is available for your expenses, balance sheet, and financial statements. Sort and subtotal features, available in Excel, will be enhanced with highlighting of group totals. Once imported and coded, all of the rounded values will automatically flow to the appropriate worksheet cells, saving a lot of valuable time and significantly reducing chance of input error. Save your file and copy the coded trial balance to next period's authorized copy of the Med-Calc Software. Simply change to this period's amounts, and much of the coding will have already been done for you!

 PS&R Import  

Data from the Home Health and Skilled Nursing Facility PS&R reports can be automatically transferred to the HHA and SNF cost report software. At the click of a button, all of the appropriate worksheets are filled in. No hassle and no incorrect representations of values. This feature also allows for manual overrides to change individual fields as necessary, so you can feel secure that your data will be properly represented.

 Import ECR (Electronic Cost Report)  

You can take a cost report prepared by any vendor, from any year, and import it into Med-Calc Software to significantly cut down on preparation time and input errors.  Enjoy our template import (ID & Demographics) feature - to input only what you need for this year's cost report!

 Allocation of Statistics  

Med-Calc Software allows for flexibility in allocating statistics to the various cost centers. Formulas allow the option to automatically bring in data for census, gross salaries, and more, reducing your calculation time and ensuring a more accurate cost report.

 Excellent Customer Support  

We are happy to provide you with excellent customer support. We offer personalized attention to your inquiries, and assist you with cost report software questions. Our many satisfied customers know that our professional and knowledgeable staff has many years of experience in all aspects of the cost reporting process, which we offer to you as part of our software package for no additional charge.

 Calculating Edit Lists  

The cost report will calculate automatically, and provide you with all known calculation errors. Level I and Level II errors can be viewed and refreshed at any point during your cost report preparation process. We also offer additional warnings as a "heads up" to assist with cost report accuracy.


Many forms have formulas that will automatically calculate data for you. These formulas can be overridden manually and restored at any time. Our formulas reduce both time and human error.

 Restore Options  

For added flexibility, you can restore formulas one by one or as a group using the "Restore Options" feature. This will allow you to override manually entered data with the original formula, choosing which data to change and which to leave.

 Look and Feel  

Worksheets are attractively presented on screen and in print. A color scheme, for input fields, formula fields and others, enhances the view on the screen, making it easy to identify which fields require input, which ones are automatically calculated, and which ones take advantage of our many features. Our unique color scheme is clearly explained on our start-up page for easy reference. In addition, convenient links let you quickly navigate from the start-up page to any of the worksheets in the cost report.

 Printing Options  

Various printing options allow for easy packaging of reports. You can choose to print a complete cost report, standard worksheets or select specific worksheets.

 Management Reports  

For your convenience, the HHA software offers various Management Reports for the analysis of current year data (census, cost, revenues, and allocation statistics). Simply choose the appropriate printing option to print these reports.


You can include your notes and workpaper calculations on the Med-Calc Software spreadsheet. Keep all your information together in one file to expedite the validation and printing processes.